Student Review

Big thank you to Sukhi Sanghera, Asiana Bridal, and Sugz Kazmi, for helping me achieve my goal and becoming an MUA. It has been along hard week but it was worth it coming from nothing to something. To anyone that wants to do a course in hair and makeup, I highly recommend them. They are the best they and they will make sure you learn and get your qualification. Once again, thanks for having me.
Sammiie Khan
Thank you so much Sukhi for an amazing week. Learned many tips that I will definitely be using in the future. I can honestly say learning with you was an excellent opportunity and you are truely one of the most skilled makeup artists. Best of luck.
Huma Samir
A big thank you to Sukhi Sanghera, for helping me achieve my goals. It has been a long week, but I enjoyed and learned a lot. Met some great people on this journey, enjoyed every bit of it. Once again, thank you. I am officially an MUA. This proves that practice makes perfection.
Sidskiee Ox Hussain
Just want to say a big thank you for the week of training, the course has been really good and I learned so much from you in the past 5 days. The last day just shows how much we’ve really learned when putting our new skills to the test. Can’t wait for the photo prints. Keep doing what you do.
Suzie K Varaitch
Thank you to the most talented Sukhi for an amazing week. I could give you a massive, tired hug right now. You have been brilliant, I wouldn’t have accomplished this week without you. Thank you so much. Lots of love.
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to the talented Sukhi Sanghera for a fantastic week of training. You have been a brilliant teacher to learn from. Thank you for your support and guidance in helping me achieve my goals to becoming a qualified makeup artist.
So proud to say that I am officially a qualified hair and makeup artist. Thank you so much to my teacher Sukhi Sanghera at Asiana Bridal for your help and guidance through the training week.
Missz Ess Akhtar Khan
Wow, this course was not what I expected at all. There was a lot to do but I also had so much fun doing it. Thank you and your team Sukhi Sanghera, my experience was amazing.
Anita Sahota
I came from my hometown, Glasgow, to train on the 5 Day Course and completed it 3 years ago. Since then, I have started my own business and Sukhi Sanghera has continued to help me, throughout my career.
Had such an amazing experience at the training academy. I learnt so much. Sukhi is an amazing person and an excellent teacher giving each student individual support and is always more than willing to help if your stuck with anything. I travelled from Cardiff and stayed in a hotel for a week and belive it was all worth it. Would love to go back at some point. Would definitely recommend sukhi and her training academy. Well worth your money. I’m now running my own business after all my knowledge gained from sukhi. @j.n_beauty on instagram and javeria Aslam on Facebook.
Jav Talha
Always interested in being certified in Asian hair and makeup, so when I found out about Sukhi Sanghera and the Bridal & Training Academy, I knew I had to get more information. The course was more than expected and Sukhi gave me some great business advice.
E Begum
Over the last 16 years or more Employment Adviser/Qualified Careers Adviser, advising others on career choices & training opportunites, I finally decided to give myself the very same advice. I had been contemplating a career in Hair and Makeup for some time now but just kept putting it off preferring to stay in my comfort zone. Eventually I took the plunge and began looking at three training academies. After much research and questioning I narrowed it down to Sukhi Sanghera and Asiana Training Academy. And I wasn’t disappointed. Sukhi is a fantastic trainer and extremely talented in her industry. She takes time to explain the training, is happy to answer any questions and has remained in touch even after the training had finished. If you are in a similar position to me and confused about which academy to go with I can highly recommend Sukhi Sanghera, she is more than deserving of my 5* rating..
Azra Begum
Iv Rated 5 stars if there was 10 i would deffinetly rate 10 stars… Sukhy sanghera is an amazing talented person with a lot of experience! She has taught me alot throughout this course… The course was well worth the money..fantastic trainning was provided at all times, i have now mastered all the tricks, and have the confidence to try out my skills for any occasions… Honestly those who are reading this and have an interest in hair and beauty id advice you to go and book yourself on the course and master all the skills techniques from sukhy! Best of luck guys!
Suman BI