Within the Asiana Bridal & Training Academy premises, we have built a professional Photo shoot studio, installed with the latest photographic technology, lighting, and software to produce stunning, professional photographs. The final step of our Asian bridal make up is the photo shoots.


The Asiana team will help hair and makeup artists to create an eye-catching and successful professional photographic portfolio.

On the day of the photo shoot, professional models and a selection of outfits and jewellery will be provided, and guidance from us to help ensure stunning results from the shoot.

Call for Fee
  • Number of Models: 1
  • Number of Looks: 2
  • Retouched Images: 4


On the day, you will be able to choose your best images to be retouched*.

The Asiana team will make airbrushing, filters, or edits to the images and will send them back to you electronically or on a disc.

Lunch is also provided on the day of the photo shoot.

Call for Fee
  • Number of Models: 2
  • Number of Looks: 4
  • Retouched Images: 8


The images you choose to have digitally enhanced will give you that sleek edge to your hair and makeup portfolio. Having a distinctive collection will open many doors for your potential business. You can advertise your professional work through an album, business cards, website or posters with your end photographs. The choices are endless.

Call for Fee
  • Number of Models: 3
  • Number of Looks: 6
  • Retouched Images: 12