Who We Are

Welcome to Asiana Bridal & Training Academy. We were established over a decade ago in the United Kingdom by lead makeup artist and hair stylist, Sukhi Sanghera. Since inception and the hard work that the Academy has invested in its students’ success, we now enjoy the reputation of being called the number one international academy for Asian bridal makeup and hair. Our mission is to share our skills in Asian bridal makeup and hairstyling with students from all parts of the World and to enable them to learn from Sukhi Sanghera, knowledge and experience.


Sukhi Sanghera shares her experience and secrets throughout her course, she takes genuine pride when her students call back and share their stories about successful they have become. because Sukhi Sanghera main aim is to share her skills and techniques with her students to have a successful career as a freelance makeup artist.


Asiana Bridal and Training Academy is started with an objective of getting ready makeup and hair styling artists who are rigorously trained to deliver the best standard beauty services. Sukhi Sanghera nurtures beginners and trains existing makeup artist who wants to benefit and gain a good reputation in the cosmetic industry. With over fifteen years of experience of teaching, Sukhi Sanghera has trained many students from various backgrounds who are now successfully working as makeup and hair specialist.


Sukhi Sanghera aims to train her students to an exceptional level with immense knowledge in the cosmetic industry. Learning with Asiana Bridal & Training Academy will give you an insight into the makeup and hair industry and you will learn unparalleled techniques and skills to further your understanding as a professional Asian bridal makeup artist and hair stylist.


Sukhi Sanghera shares her tips and tricks throughout her courses that took her many years of experience to learn and master. She takes pride in seeing her students excel. No wonder so many of her students hold her in high regard Sukhi takes genuine pride when her students from the United Kingdom and other parts of the World call her to share their success stories. “There is nothing”, she says, “that makes me more proud than to see my students have real success!” To know about the bridal packages and training courses, simply give Sukhi Sanghera a call or drop an email. info@asianabridal.com

What You Can Achieve

Our range of courses can help you lead your careers as a fully qualified makeup artist and hair stylist If you have the entrepreneurial drive and passion, you can set up your own full-time makeup and hair business, and we can assist you on your way. Named by many students internationally as their number one choice, Asiana Bridal & Training Academy is one of the largest professional Asian makeup education and training schools in the United Kingdom. Our selective courses adhere to the highest of standards, which are certified and accredited by The Guild of Beauty Therapists UK.


Our courses will provide students with the tools, qualifications and confidence to deliver outstanding professional work of the highest standard and quality. Every student who completes our 5-Day Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup with photo shoot course receives a Diploma Certificate that is certified by The Guild of Beauty Therapists. This means that your Diploma Certificate has international recognition. Makeup artists with our Diploma Certificate in the UK and other countries can obtain professional liability insurance cover due to the Diploma’s recognition.


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